My name is Chris and I am with a Fire Company located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
Im trying to get an idea as to what other fire companies are doing
for their RIT/FAST Team operations. I am specificly wondering about
other procedures regarding TEAM SEARCH. What lenght of rope does the team leader have? How far out is each anchor point on the main rope? What lenghts does each team member have? Any other information
you can provide would be great.

My Department currently has a TEAM SEARCH kit made up of 150' 9mm static line rope for the team leader. 4 team search member kits made up of 2 "D" ring's, a bag with 30' of 8mm static line rope and a glow stick. We have anchor points for team members to hook into
at every 25' mark. Thats all we have. We have drilled a few times and I have found that the biggest problem is keeping tention on the team search line. Your input would be great. Thanks, Chris