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    Default speed of the site

    Is there a text friendly version of firehouse.com? It's a great site except it's simply to slow for my 30K line. I can make a sandwich in the time it takes to navigate to another page. I understand I get what I pay for but by the same token I won't buy up until it gets much quicker. Some of us rural guys are still stuck in the dark ages.

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    I feel your pain. I hardly look at FH from home any more, because I DON'T HAVE BROADBAND!!!

    Seems to be worse since the re-design a few months back. I emailed the Webteam about it, and got no response.
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    Sorry folks, but the site is designed for the slightly higher speed that more and more users...not broadband necessarily..but even on a 56K the site should load relatively quick nowadays...especially the interior pages. If you get a personal start page as part of the MembersZone you can avoid ads entirely on your own front page with the latestheadlines and such. We no longer support lower than 56K, its just not practical..and with more than 50% of the visitors using dsl, cable, etc. the more we can squeeze in we try...but again, the site is designed for 56K to load as fast as other major portals.


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