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    I thought i might be able to get a hand on find out info. Will i have just finshed high school and would i am intrested in working for a fire dept. my father was a vol fire fighter for bout 4 years. I am working on a my advanced search and rescue u/w for PADI.I'm trying to get into a emt-b class in kileen,tx.

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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    Welcome to the boards. I see we're practically neighbors. I'm just north of Wacko. There's plenty of volunteer fire depts in your area and the City of Temple has a fire academy. I think Killeen was going to start one as well but I'm not for certain.
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    Invest a little of your hard earned money and find yourself a fire academy (AKA Rookie School) There are quite few out there. Some are part-time schools on the weekends for working people. Between the academy and buying yourself some turnout gear for school you could spend $2000.

    Our organization hires certified or certifiable firefighters. You have to at least be an EMT-B too. If you could pass our tests and all the background stuff, you could possibly get hired while you're still in rookie school. You will be required to attend and pass paramedic school at some point after you're hired.

    We're supposed to hire I think 14 firefighters towards the end of 2003. We're building station number four.

    I believe the city web site is www.ci.rowlett.tx.us

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