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    Question EMT-I or ADV EMT?

    I need some advice on what I should do next...I just finished an
    emt-b course and want to continue my education in this field. would it be better for me to take an advanced emt course or an emt-i course?

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    I won't suggest what you should do. That's your choice. But I will tell you what I found out from one of the state EMS personnel. It is my understanding that they plan to change the current A-EMT to Intermediate-Basic and the new curriculum will be called Intermediate-Advanced. Current BLS providers and current Advanced providers will be called Basic Life Support and the new Intermediate & current Paramedic providers will be considered ALS. Again, that is my understanding. Maybe someone can correct me or give more details.

    Compare content to class length. The EMT-I may not be that much longer than the A-EMT. Once the EMT-I gets going, A-EMT may start to be a thing of the past. Who knows. But A-EMT may be the way to go if you want to start out slow.

    I'm an EMT-B now. I don't plan on continuing but if I change my mind I will take the paramedic course.

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