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    Thumbs up Dispatchers....

    This poem is my way of thanking all those faceless voices, who help us in our time of's called:


    D-ialing emergency 911, will give you a voice, that may save someone...
    I-t's the men and women that this world holds, when you think your life is about to unfold...
    S-ensing your fear, when your on the phone, that voice is your friend, they won't leave you alone...
    P-ulling you thru, and easing the fear, that knock on your door? emergency's here...
    A-ll who have gone thru, those chills of despair...
    T-hank the good lord, these dispatchers were their...
    C-alling for backup, dispatchers respond, with directions to catch that irresponsible con...
    H-idden from the public, when those calls come through...
    E-xperienced professionals, rarely thanked by me or you...
    R-ecognize the middleman when dialing 911, connecting with an emergency team. just may save your son...
    S-o send a little thank you note, do that one good deed, that dispatcher that helped you, in your time of need.

    Author...Denise R. Rojas(Rosiez)4/6/03.

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    Thumbs up

    Very Nice... Thank You.

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    Cool VERY NICE!!!!

    This was very nice
    Firefighters are beneficial to every community with the wealth of information they have!

    They don't get enough praise, for the information and skills they know! It could save your life one day!!!!!

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