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    Default Asking for Donations for PSAPS

    Does anyone have any experience asking local businesses for donations of equipment? I mean weight room equipment, kitchen appliances, etc... Or any other money making ideas? We are getting our new building in a year, but the costs are running over and all of the "fluff" is being cut out. aka: weight room, shower area, kitchen appliances, etc... Understandable, but we still want it. Our admin wants us to have it as well, but they just don't have the spare change. We are asking the Director if he will stop the 2003 uniform allowance and let us use that approximate $4000 to get stuff. We are thinking of bake sales, change jars, etc... If anyone can think of anything or knows of something that worked for them I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

    Mr 911

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    Exclamation Fundraisers

    Mr Jim,

    I was curious... has/does TriCom had/have a communications patch at all? Either way, you could create say... 500 patches, at a price of $2.50/$4.00 to make, sell it for about $5.00 to $8.00/patch, post it on the internet, and make lots of money. Granted it might take a while, but that's a fairly decent amount of money. 500 patches at $2.50 sold for $8.00 gives you a profit of $2,750.00. Also, a bake sale is usally a couple hundred extra bucks as well.

    Tim Norton


    P.S. I would be willing to volunteer my time to get everything done with the patches if the idea is accepted.

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