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    Default Monday,but I'll survive anyway

    Ah,a beautiful spring day.I had perfect picture
    taking conditions Saturday so I zipped up to
    a local Station
    in Chesterfield and got some great
    apparatus shots.Just can't wait to get these pics.
    I rushed off to my local Wal-greens for
    the one hour deal (I had a coupon).Excitement,

    SORRY,we had a chemical spill
    it'll be about 4:00pm.AHHHH.
    I have to wait a whole day..
    My Monday has now offically begun.

    It's not like I don't have
    anything to do,but I wanted
    those pics and the rest of my day is
    going to be crazy time wise.

    Patience is not a virtue I have.

    And so it has begun...the weeks battles,
    life's interruptions...but,
    even though it's Monday...
    I'll survive anyway.

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    Sounds like someone needs a digital camera

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    Thumbs up Nice One

    Good Call GrovFire25

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