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    Default needing lesson plans and info on fire training

    i am the training officer for a combination fire dept. in missouri, i am needing info on sites and resources for training materials, also i am in need of a lesson plan on master streams. any help would be appreciated, thanks, jeff

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    I'm not a training officer, But I used to conduct a good bit of training in the Army. If you click on the FH menu bar "Training", you will get a drop down. On that menu, there are "Downloadable drills" "Training Academy" and more. Ought to be a good place to start.

    As one from the ranks, maybe a good idea is to start from your Operations SOP's. Don't stop at just a dull reading- Read through it enough to impart the big picture, then have a hands on portion that demonstrates it. All you really need is an apparatus, a place you can spray, and a water source. Take your master streams example: Go over what situations/conditions your dept will generally require a master stream to be employed. Then have the members practice setting them up- using the monitor on the apparatus, then setting up a portable deluge gun. Do you have an arial ladder? Practice using the ladder pipe. Everybody needs to know how these things get set up, how they work- what to connect to where, where things are stored, how they are affixed to their truck mounts. Working with the equipment in this way would be popular, structured, and would have the double benefit of aquainting the members with the dept's general approach to fire fighting, as well as promoting intimate knowledge of the equipment.
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    Default Training material

    The best place that I can suggest for Firefighter training material would be IFSTA

    They should have what you are looking for....and more

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    Default Lesson plans

    This may be old fashioned (which i am not), but why don't you come up with lesson plans on your own. It is not very hard. There are a couple of things to take into consideration.

    What type of equipment your fire dept. operates.
    What your SOP's are.
    What classes have your FF been exposed to(FFI,FFII etc.).
    What objectives you want them to learn.

    There may be other objectives, but then again I am not a training officer. Take this information, along with any other info, classes you want to and devise your own training class. It will be catered to your departments needs, and your name will be on it. I think that would be very rewarding as opposed to using john doe's master stream class.

    You will spend as much time searching for the class cirriculum and waiting for someone else to send it than it would take to write your own master stream class, or whatever other class for that matter.

    Sorry for being blunt, but that is the way I see it.


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    Go to www.fdtraining.com

    Their Material comes from a wide array of fire departments...FDNY to Indianapolis to Phonenix to Wichita,Kansas. In addition to their monthy subscription for Depts which includes lesson plans they also sell Engine Co. Ops and Truck Ops lesson plans. Just go to the web site and look around.

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