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    Default Good morning Virginia

    The sun is shining,birds are in my trees singing,
    and a fanastic water rescue was executed yesterday.
    Two teens were in an inflatable boat/raft
    and it capsized.The river was too much for them.
    The water was too treacherous for the rescuers to
    get to them.The teens spent the night on an island,
    supplies were dropped to them.First thing Monday
    morning Rescue (at a high risk to themselves)
    brought the youth safely home.

    Great teamwork and good skills made that
    story a success.What could have easily been a tradegy
    turned out fine.Some very gratefuls parents
    can't say thanks enough to the brave rescuers.

    And Tuesday begins...

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    Thank you very much for that story. In today's messed up world and wide varity of calls we run, it is nice to hear of one that went the right way.

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