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    Default Aerosol "Bug Bomb" Dangers

    Well.I'm writing a story today that could
    have had a terrible ending.A family was
    using a "bug bomb" and it ignited
    by the pilot light on their stove.
    Explosion rocked the apt.Fire of
    course errupted.

    They are okay.If only people would
    use prevention.Reading the label
    is a must.

    Anyone have a similar story to

    Have a great day everyone,be safe.

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    We get at least one call a year for a house fire when the nosy neighbor looks thru the windows next door and sees smoke..turns out to be the bug bomb....Haven't had an explosion from one yet though.

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    I agree completely. 2 years ago my in-laws had a fire which was started by a can of bug spray. The can was stored outside in a wicker basket on a very hot day, about 105 degrees. The can was overheated and exploded which caught the basket on fire. The fire ran up the side of the house and into the attic. My own department responded and quickly put out the fire, but not before it burned off a third of the roof and causing extensive smoke damage. No one was hurt, but the explosion itself could have caused injury.

    Keep these things in a safe place, like the store.

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    Default More Bug Spray Comments

    I am glad your family is okay.
    Now that made me think.
    I would have avoided the can/stove deal,
    but I really might not have thought
    about a can outside exploding.

    Thank you for sharing that tip,
    and I will pass it on about
    safety outside too.

    Last summer in Virginia we had a
    lot of days of temps over 100+

    That is why sharing these stories
    are important to teach...
    not make anyone feel
    dumb...but to open eyes.Prevention
    is a wonderful thing.

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