Given that I have only recived a few responses on my previous post( Help with fire officer training). I have come to one of two conclusions, 1. We the fire service adequetly train our officers, to be Managers, Leaders, Fire ground experts ect........, by doing on the job training. Or 2. No department has addresed this issue and as long as our officers meet the minimum requierments and pass the promotial test. They dont need any formal training on being a officer. So to help me understand I am posting a poll, to see if in fact, we the fire service, feel that there is a need to train our officers on how to be officers. This is the first time that I have posted a poll so please bear with me.

Option 1: The fire service does a good job in training officers.

Option 2: The fire service needs a method to train peopole how to become a officer and continue officer training throught their carrer.

Option 3: I really dont care, and I think that you are nuts.

Please reply by using option # 1, 2, 3. and add any comments that you want. Thank you for your time.