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    Default I need a job

    Hey, I am a junior in high school and I am not sure what I want to do witht the rest of my life. One of the jobs that I have been thinking about is firefighting. I want to know what you need to get a job, if any college would be useful etc. I am a volunteer now, but I am just keeping my options open. Thanks guys

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    You need a lot of patience and a lot of motivation. College would probably help, but isn't required in most places.

    Try (check the forums),, and check out the "Hiring and Employment Discussion" section of this website.

    Good luck.

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    Man depends on where you want to work
    College is always good.
    Just work hard and learn all you can.
    But working for a career dept does take time
    and patience.... Good luck man
    Be Safe

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    Default Enjoy Being a kid!

    Enjoy being a kid first. The Fire Service will be here waiting for you when you’re ready to join the fabled work force. Do well in School don’t be “Smart Ass” to your teachers and they will give you all the tools you will need to get into the Fire Dept., College, Military or what ever your Heart desires. God Bless
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    I'll tell you what, I wish I had gone through the military before I joined the fire service. Rather than growing up somewhere else, and in front of a bunch of other kids, I grew up in the firehouse. So everyone sees, and remembers, when I was a stupid kid with a big ego and a loud mouth.

    There was another post regarding jobs in Ohio, not sure if that was supposed to be a reply to this, but if so, the Ohio market is so saturated with firefighter/paramedics, due to the high number of both schools in this area (central Ohio) that theres literally hundreds of firefighter/paramedics for each position. The best way is to get yer foot in the door, meet some people, make some connections, and go from there.

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    First enjoy being a kid. Two if you want to be a firefighter look into the Air Force, by doing this you will serve your country learn a lot and be trained to do a great job. By using the Air Force you will come out of it with a lot of good certification's which will be good in most states.

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