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    OK I was wondering what you did as explorers to stay in shape?
    I'm 190 pounds 5'10-5'11 and can run a mile in 9:47 as of last year.
    I would like to be faster at this,and what else do you think would help me?
    No longer an explorer, but I didn't wanna lose my posts.

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    There's only one thing you can do to improve your mile time... run. I would suggest getting out there every other day and running for a set amount of time, say 30 minutes. Run 15 minutes away, turn around and run 15 minutes back. If you keep it up, you'll notice that you'll get further in 15 minutes than you did the previous days and if you continue, you'll keep getting further and further away.

    If you do decide to regiment your workout, run every other day, and swim or bike on the alternate days to help with the cardio part. Make sure you take a day of rest as well, so you don't overwork yourself. If your firehouse has a fitness room, ask someone to show you how to use the equipment and use it before or after you run/bike/swim. Stick with it, and you'll find that your mile time will improve, you'll have better endurance, and you'll have a strange desire to start competing in triathalons . Good luck.

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