Hi Everyone, can anyone assist me? Please!

I am a career firefighter in Strathclyde Fire Brigade, Scotland.

I am in the process of completing a comparative study of firefighter injuries/fatalities in the US and the UK, as part of my final year dissertation for a degree in Fire Engineering at the Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland.

I have been evaluating the potential for enhancing the safety of firefighters through the usage of the NFA Simulation Series, and Vector Command, to hypothesize that the correct use of, and training with the CD-ROM series and other I.T. Experiential Learning methodologies, shall ultimately assist in the reduction of firefighter fatalies/injuries.

I am awaiting contact from the NFA Admissions to glean some of the statistics required, and I have been made aware that 8000 US firefighters have received certificates after the completion of training in ICS, Strategies and Tactics.

My own Brigade is now moving towards this interactive and safe medium, using Vector Command. However having a department of around 2500 career/volunteer/paid on call, this continuous training process shall take years to cover everyone. (We have only four Vector simulators due to the $90000 cost per unit). Hence I can see the early benefits of the CD-ROM Series in its ability and availability to deliver at a local level.

I have attached a questionnaire as a Word document and would be very appreciatative of your fire department's participation in this study.

I look forward in anticipation to your response.


Alan Smith
Station Officer
Strathclyde Fire Brigade
Fire Brigade Liaison Officer to Glasgow City Council