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Thread: Steve Buscemi

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    Thumbs up Steve Buscemi

    Actor Steve Buscemi Fights for NYC Firehouses

    Apr 20, 2003 8:06 am US/Eastern
    (NEW YORK) Actor Steve Buscemi, a former New York City firefighter, is among those protesting the Bloomberg administration's proposal to close eight firehouses as a cost-cutting measure.

    "I think it's a slap in the face, after all that they've done and all that they continue to do," Buscemi, who worked as a firefighter from 1980 to 1984, said Saturday at a rally outside a Brooklyn firehouse that would be closed under Mayor Michael Bloomberg's budget proposal.

    "They're just starting to come back. This is just terrible -- a terrible message to firefighters because they want to save $10 million or $11 million a year," added Buscemi, who has starred in "Fargo" and "Con Air.

    The actor joined about 50 other people outside Engine Company 212, whose staff has decreased dramatically since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack, in the Williamsburg section.

    Bloomberg, seeking to close a $3.4 billion budget deficit, has proposed eliminating eight firehouses and said last week that at least 30 more may have to be closed if the city does not receive state or federal financial assistance.
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    This goes to show not EVERYONE in HOLLYWOOD is a jerk.

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    Why doesn't ol' Bloomberg eliminate some of the BS jobs in his administration? Every government has 'em, yet somehow they try to keep those jobs instead of things that matter.

    Try Parks & Recreation. Cut that whole outfit down to a skeleton staff, just enough to maintain facilities. No new construction, etc.

    And try this: Raise taxes. Nobody likes it, but you have to pay for stuff. Cutting the FD, PD, streets & roads, water, etc., is self-destructive.
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    Weren't they saying something before about only closing stations at night? This makes sense, after all we all know fire and other emergencies only happen during the day.
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    Default It could work!

    All they've gotta do to make that work, Adze is to pass a city ordinance making fires after a certain hour in those districts illegal.
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    Originally posted by Adze39
    Weren't they saying something before about only closing stations at night? This makes sense, after all we all know fire and other emergencies only happen during the day.
    That is similar to the "modernization" that they wanted to do to the fire service in Britain, I'm not sure how far they got with that

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    Default What about Mr. Pink

    Buscemi, who has starred in "Fargo" and "Con Air.
    Who could forget him in Resevoir Dogs?
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    lol now we need about half of new york to wake up and realize they need those fire departments
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