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Thread: Mutual Aid RIT

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    Lightbulb Mutual Aid RIT

    Okay, here's our problem. For the most part, our area has not adressed 2in/2out or RIT. We are a small county with 13 Vol. depts. and 1 combination FD. The issue we are facing is how to assemble a RIT of 4 members or more from several departments. We realize we cannot make up a 4 FF RIT from just one Dept. at each incident. Does anyone out there have a regional or coutywide RIT/RIC/FAST program that adresses multiple personnel responding from different depts.? We are leery of having FFers' responding in POV's from all corners of the county to an incident. Please give us your thoughts.


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    you should probably talk to Abbit-Rit. there is a link to their site on the rapidinvention site. they are a multi dept RIT squad. they should be able to answer every or at least most of the questions you have.
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    OK, for starters there shouldn't be a 4 man FAST team, it should be 7 if you think about it, you take a regular truck(ladder truck not engine) you have 6 f/f's in the back right?? then you have the one officer, that's how you get the 7. In my own oppinion only having 4 f/f's for a fast team is dangerous, and not all to intelligent, I undersrand that you come from a small county but still. Maybe you can get into some of your state's fire matic grants, possibly build a new station that just houses a fast(or rit or ric what ever you prefer) truck, and gear for the members of that team.there are many things you can do, however I would suggest going to that one website the other f/f provided and check with them they might have more answers then I can provide for you.

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    Default MA Rit

    I work for 2 departments that use MA RIT. One has the RIT company dispatched with the initial alarm. The other is at the choice of the supervisor whether RIT is dispatched right away. Both systems work very well for each department.

    I guess I am not clear why it is a problem to form a RIT team from members of 4 different departments. It sounds like there needs to be a county-wide SOG that will allow all departments to training the same way for RIT. (I know...in alot of places this is not possible due to egos and territory issues) Then when the RIT team is assembled all are on the same page. As for dedicating a station or specific rig for RIT...that is OK....but in my opinion wasteful. All of the tools found on the typical "initial" tool cache list for a RIT team can be found on any well outfitted engine or ladder.

    Now....as for a 6 or 7 man RIT team. I am sorry but I see that as a little excessive. It is well known that the RIT in many cases is only going to be able to do recon....initially... It is documented in many places that it can take 4 or 5 or more full crews to get one downed FF out of a hazardous environment. A RIT team of 3-4 can get the basics in action while command handles the logistics of the rescue.

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    The initial RIT should be dispatched with the first alarm assignment to allow the team to arrive quicker and perform their job assignment sooner. It allows the team to be on the fireground ready to deploy during the first 20 minutes of the fire which proves to be the most dangerous for firefighters. Waiting to dispatch a firefighter rescue team until you feel they might be needed is inappropriate, a liability, and dangerous for our people.

    Forming a RIT from multiple fire departments is a good concept if done correctly. I know of several agencies that have gone this route and share success at this venture. Will it work for everyone? No. You need to produce a plan that will work for your specific area and department.

    If you have the manpower to produce a 6 or 7 man RIT why would you not do it? Having excess personnel on a RIT can only be a good thing if managed properly. Having the ability to establish two 3 or 4 person RIT's on a fireground is a tremendous asset to the fireground commander. Use one for the initial deployment and have a second for immediate backup to the first. I believe in having the ability to produce three RIT's on the fireground at all times (The rule of three) to be able to adequately respond to a firefighter rescue operation. Having two initial teams can also give the ability to deploy into a structure from two different entry points possibly locating a downed firefighter quicker.

    Let's all use our heads when it comes to firefighter rescue operations. In the end it will only turn out to be in our favor...

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    My dept is starting to go through this same issue. We are a combination department that works out of three stations, covering 41 square miles. There are a total of 11 departments in my county, ranging from very small all-volunteer departments to full-time career departments. We fall about in the middle.

    This week we are putting our new SCBAs into service, which were purchased on a FEMA grant - we bought enough to refit all three stations, and they are the latest spec with the RIC connector. We also purchased three RIT kits, one to go on the frontline pumper from each station (we also have a reserve pumper in each station). Bordering departments also have new SCBA with the RIC connector. My training Asst Chief is going to be visiting our neighbors to check out compatability of RIT kits.

    Our plan is to respond with our own personnel, then go to mutual aid early if necessary. We will most likely use a mutual aid engine as RIT. We are also offering our services to provide RIT to our neighbors on mutual aid.

    It's pretty much a rule in our county to forbid, in the strongest terms, firefighters responding directly to the scene. Our rule is for everyone (below chief-grade) to go to their station and get to the scene on an apparatus. This prevents scene access from becoming clogged with firefighters POVs, and also means that firefighters can tag-in on the accountability passports carried on our apparatus. The same accountability system is employed county-wide, so this even works for our mutual aid departments.

    Most small-to-middle departments are too small to handle RIT alone. It's good to have a strong county association to coordinate issues such as this. We all use the same radio channels and protocols, etc. so that helps too.

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