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    Default The Best?

    What do you feel is the best part of Exploring?

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    Learning the pride,honor and tradition of the fire service! And working with my fellow brothers!

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    the other end of all that LDH...........


    The same thing dfdex said.
    No longer an explorer, but I didn't wanna lose my posts.

    IACOJ 2003

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    Default I'm not an explorer, but..

    Tradition, brotherhood, and the love I've had since I was a little kid of hearing the Q wind up!
    These are my opinions, not those of my career department, my volunteer company, or my affiliates. And by the way, I'm not a Junior.

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    Don't froget about the knowledge. you can learn some of the greatest and deepest secrets about a fire department, and the fire service being an explorer. I started as an explorer much like you all at the age of 14, and at 19 got hired part-time. Being an explorer and already knowing the ins and outs of the department before I got hired helped a bunch. Learn as much as you can from the guys that have been there for a while, and it will make it so much easier when you get ready to join the department.

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