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    Question D/FW area FF application advice

    so i wanna be a firefighter in the D/FW(TEXAS) area, i have been lookin at the requirements for several depts. and as of right now, i can only apply to 2 or 3. heres what i have goin for me:

    20yrs old
    graduated highschool in 2001
    i will have ~35 college credit hours after this semester
    my vision is very close to 20/20

    i have going AGAINST me my current body 'situation', as these college drinking days have taken their small toll upon me. i think i could pass most physical agility tests, not easily by any means, but pass. are there any certain exercises i should do to kep myself back in shape aside from running, push-ups, & sit-ups?

    also, what all does a civil service exam cover? and the fire exams cover?

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    Thumbs up hope this helps

    I think these sites will give you a good idea of what to expect and what you will need to do to get hired. It's great that you can admit to yourself that you need to get in shape (a LOT of applicants try to skip that part). I would recommend hiring a personal trainer for a day to show you a good, proven workout program to use (if you can afford it that is). If not then you can find good workouts online (try www.exrx.net). It is very very important to be in great shape to apply...for the academy...and for a healthy career. Dallas uses a physical test based on FF tasks...FW still uses the Cooper test which includes pushups/situps/1.5 mile run/sit and reach. As for the written test, ARCO makes some good prep guides that do help a lot. (you can get them online or at a bookstore). Anyways I hope this helps, getting on a FD like Dallas or FW is not easy, but if you really want it then there's nothing stopping you. GOOD LUCK!

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    Back when I first got out of the military, I tried out for Fort Worth FD. I remember they had about 20 future openings and nearly 5000 applicants. It can be done, I know lot's of guys who have done it. I got started in another department in the area and priced myself out of the running. I would have had to take a pretty drastic rank reduction to get on with them.

    Be careful, there are a lot of smaller departments in the DFW area that sound pretty good until you see their pay and benefits. A larger one is usually better. And I have also noticed with smaller departments, sometimes the physical test is a bit loaded and do not conform to standardized tests. I am sure these problems are common nationwide though.

    For a new guy, sometimes getting a job in one of these departments is better than having nothing. Getting on the job is all that counts.
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    the first place i looked was at the DFD & FWFD. i dont have 45semester hrs yet so DFD is out, and i have to wait until jan. to test for FW. garland is accepting apps but their test date is the day a car race starts that im gonna be on, and i have already commited myself to the race..........ive looked at around 30 cities in the D/FW area and the only ones that look good to me are dallas & FW. im not a big fan of the dallas idea, just because of all the corruption & BS that is in the dallas government, i dont want to be a part of that. they have a large department and alot of large scale fires compared to FW, but the FWFD seems to be alot 'friendlier'. but i need to take what i can, within reason.

    what all is on the written tests? is it like SAT all over again or is it mainly fire related?
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    Lewisville often test without having any requirements. Many dept. will send you to an academy. But your best bet to get a job in DFW area is go get your basic ff. then get your paramedic. Even better would be to get your paramedic first. Many places like grand Prairie, Denton, and many others will hire you as long as you are a paramedic. In the DFW area there is a lot of competition for jobs. I just got hired in lewisville and they are a great dept. Most of the city's have good benifits. as long as they have a few stations. But if you have to get a job with a smaller dept. build up you resume and go for a bigger dept. chris

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