I could really use your help... I am doing a research project on issues involving both paid fire departments and vol. departments. I will not use any names or department names in my report. I have a short questionnaire I would like you to participate in. I appreciate any opinions and views you have on any or all of these questions. I really appreciate your help and support. If you prefer to answer in private you can e-mail me at e.com"firefly911@firehousezone.com Thank-You. If you are interested it is as follows:
1. Are you on a paid or Vol. Department?

2. Do you feel your department has adequate equipment?
If not, what do you feel your and your dept. greatest need? Why?

3. Do you feel your department has adequate personnel?
If not, what would you change? Why?

4. Do you feel you have had adequate training? Why or Why Not?
What about the others on your dept.? Why or Why Not?

5. What are one or more concerns you have regarding your dept.?

6. From your experience, do you think that power trips/egos create safety concerns?
In what aspect?

7. What are your thoughts of women as firefighters?

8. Why did you become a firefighter?

9. How long have you been a firefighter?

10. What is your age?

Thank-you again for taking the time to answer this survey.