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    Angry Truckwashing policies

    Your federal tax dollars hard at work. Apparently the EPA has begun enforcing stormwater pollution laws written back in 1997. Among the regulated waste products is soapy water from vehicle washing. Protesters have picketed fire stations in East Tennessee for violating the law.

    Does anyone have a policy regarding washing vehicles inside/recovering wash water? Has anyone had to retrofit stations/build a wash facility to meet the standard? Does anyone know the CFR number for the regulation in question?

    If you can help, let me know.


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    Don't you remember Rocky Flats?

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    This came up once before and while I feel like I work at a car wash sometimes, if I remember this appied to commercial car washes only.

    I would call your local EPA office, tell them that you are a regular citizen who heard about the rule and ask who it applies to.

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    Thumbs down Washing vehicles

    I encountered this in 1998 when I was in the Army National Guard. The City sent a notice to the National Guard Headquarters demanding that we stop washing our vehicles (about 8 Hummers) due to the new waste water law. We questioned them about the "wash rack" at the city where nearly 500 vehicles are washed every day, we were told that municipalities were exempt from the law. I haven't seen anything else about it. I currently work for the State and we don't follow any waste water law. I think the is another case of enforcement only when the law is new. After a few years, people forget there's a law at all.
    My advice, don't ask - don't tell.

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