May God grant her eternal peace!

PORTLAND, Ore.(AP) - The state medical examiner has ruled that
an eastern Oregon woman and her infant son died because of the
mother's accidental overdose of a prescription medication.
The bodies of Janet Fay Marie Porter, 27, and her 1
1/2-month-old son, Aiden John Alexander Porter, were found Sunday
in their home just west of John Day.
Porter was seated on a couch and apparently had been folding
towels when she died, a relative said. The body of her son was
beside her.
The medical examiner ruled Tuesday that Porter died from an
unintentional overdose, probably late Saturday, Grant County
Sheriff Glenn Palmer said. The unattended infant died of
dehydration sometime later, Palmer said.
An autopsy discovered residues in the woman's stomach "that
indicated it was an overdose," Palmer said. "We are still looking
at a couple of things, but we are pretty sure when the toxicology
reports come in, that will be the cause of death."
The medication was described only as a "synthetic narcotic" of
some sort. Neither the sheriff nor the family could say what it was
or why Porter was taking it.
"We are devastated," said Porter's mother, Helen Porter, 50,
of John Day. "She is our oldest child, the apple of my eye."
The daughter had been diagnosed with a slightly irregular
heartbeat in adolescence, and her mother said she initially thought
she might have suffered heart failure.
The 5-foot-4, 110-pound Janet Porter had been a summertime
wildfire dispatcher for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management
in Vale
and planned to return to fire dispatching next summer, her mother
"She was very good at her work," Helen Porter said. "She was
absolutely a very vivacious young woman."

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