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    Talking Contracting out DOD FF's appears dead...

    I have heard that Congressman Duncan Hunter, the Chairman on the Armed Services Committee and a San Diego Republican has removed from DoD's proposed legislation section 211, which had in it the removal of the prohibition on contracting out Fire and Police services on DoD installations [Title 10, Sec 2495]. Apparently, the Armed Services Committee was disappointed that DoD even proposed such a thing... so we are off the hook it appears.

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    Yeah, OK. But they've already scared the hell out of the 'new kids' who are trying to start a career, or even mid-career, and don't know how to react to this bi-annual BS. They've got a bunch of the older guys concerned as well. People are starting to look at going somewhere, anywhere, to try to preserve their careers. Blind flight. Panic. Adrenelin rush? Why?
    Because "This is the way we do it". Calm down folks. Let the politicians and the lobby-ers do their jobs--keeping ours!
    I think there is still enough pressure from 9-11, WMD, and all the other outside influences that they can't control, to allow us to stay on the job, doing the J-O-B. What ever happened to the AF initiative to have firefighting declared as an 'inherent function', sometimes known as a 'core function', that can't ever be contracted out?

    Stay Safe

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