JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) - National Park Service officials are working
to revise Grand Teton National Park's wildfire management policies.
Grand Teton's fire policy already has plans for creating
defensible spaces around the five major developed areas, such as
Moose and Colter Bay, said Mack McFarland, a park fuels management
But the park's plan does not address privately-owned homes on
inholdings in the park or park historic structures, he said.
The Park Service is proposing revisions to the plan to allow for
mechanical treatments, such as thinning brush and timber, to create
defensible spaces around such properties, McFarland said.
By reducing the amount of natural fuels in close proximity to
buildings, firefighters have a better chance of saving the
Defensible space gives firefighters more time to respond to a
fire, Colin Campbell, acting assistant superintendent said.
As park officials revise the fire plan, they also plan to review
existing policies, including the use of controlled burns as a
management tool.
The Park Service is seeking public comment on the plan.

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