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    Default Concord Volunteer Fire Department

    Hello everyone. I just joined this site on May 1st.

    I am a volunteer firefighter with the Concord Volunteer Fire Department. The department has been around for almost 11 years now. Our department resides in the northeastern extremes of Gadsden County Florida.

    The department was started because we were having problems with one of the other departments that used to cover our territory. I will not name this department, but from what I understand, this department was threatening not to come out of the city limits to respond to a call in our area. So my dad and several other people started was then the Coonbottom Volunteer Fire Department.

    When the department was first started, we had many problems with the other department. Some of these problems were racing to beat us to the scene, fighting on scene, trying to run us over, and in some cases actually turning the hose on us at the most inopportune times.

    I have never had these kinds of problems since I have been on the department. The worst thing that I have had happen to me was members of the other department parking their personal vehicles in such a way that I couldnt get my apparatus on scene.

    I have been with the department since October, 2001. I love every minute of it, except the down time. It's been almost 2 months since I have responded to a call. There has only been 1 call in these 2 months, but I couldn't respond becuase I was at work.

    The department started out with 1 truck that was loaned from the Department of Forestry. I was on old fuel tanker which we converted into a fire truck. We still have that truck. For years we struggled with sorry pieces of apparatus. The trucks would often break down on us enroute to a call. Last August, we took delivery of a Ford F-350 rescue truck which was converted from an Ambulance. In November of last year, we took delivery of a brand new Kenworth 1500 gallon pumper/tanker. Now we can get to the scene of a fire within 5-10 minutes instead of 10-20 minutes, or not at all.

    I guess I should wrap this thing up. Kinda long isn't it?

    Let me know if you would like to see the pictures of our apparatus.


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    wow thats an interesting story, good for all of you starting your own fire dept. the story is too long ive read longer. anyways yes i would like to see pics of this truck.

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