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    Default can't get in to chat

    It's Saturday-May 3,
    about 4:45pm,the chat room won't
    let me in.I have been trying to get in
    all day.If anyone sees my name up
    and I'm not actually talking,
    email me and let me know-
    fungirlwriter@yahoo.com.I don't
    know what the problem is.

    I wanna chat..so my friends if
    I'm not in there,it's not my fault.

    Hopefully something will get straight,
    anyone else having problems getting

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    the other end of all that LDH...........


    I seem to have the same problem, I only get in like twice a month. Maybe we should call up webteam.
    No longer an explorer, but I didn't wanna lose my posts.

    IACOJ 2003

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