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    Post Arizona Teens try the wrong mix!

    MESA, Ariz. (AP) - One teen was being treated at a local
    hospital after the chemicals he and a friend were mixing together
    exploded, authorities said.
    Gilbert Fire Department Capt. Robert Foster said the 13-year-old
    boy and a friend had mixed chlorine and rubbing alcohol together in
    a 1-liter plastic bottle, which resulted in the explosion.
    Authorities were called to the Gilbert neighborhood just after 8
    p.m. Monday and found one youth suffering wounds to his hand, arm
    and face.
    He was taken to Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa. His
    condition was not available.
    The second youth was being treated by paramedics at the scene.
    Gilbert Battalion Chief Rick Weigele asked parents to warn their
    children about the dangers of mixing chemicals together.
    "These kids are getting the information off the Internet and
    from their friends and they are going to seriously injure
    themselves or get themselves killed," Weigele told the East Valley
    Tribune for Tuesday's editions.
    Gilbert police Lt. Ken Fixel said police are investigating the

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    We have all heard the saying that the children are our future, well let me tell you our future is not looking so bright. There are many things that factor into this, and there is alot of blame that can go around.

    First on my list are the people that should not be having kids. In this group our your Kids having Kids, and your goverment funded families that continue to grow. Now I have no ansewers other then the extream and in our PC society of today these just would not fly.,

    This brings up my second thought for the soapbox, PC, why have we allowed this to destroy our moral fabric that is needed to teach our kids. It is not that our kids are not book smart, there are alot of smart kids, they jsut have no common sense, or they have a lack of self responsibility. But because of PC, teachers have no control, parents have no control, and kids are skating through life with no sense of reality.

    We are doing this to our selves we really our, toss out the PC for a minute, and let's put the blame where it belongs. Goverment programes and extream librals. We keep giving money and more money to people who have no desire to do anything but have more and more kids. And the extream librals have taught our kids, that it is not there fault, it is there AHAD, and all they need is a pill. Now what they need is to spend a week in there room with nothing to do but there homework and stare at the walls. To many parents are trying to be friends with there kids rather then being a parent.

    And this is just the tip of the Iceberg I could keep going on and on, but I have other things to get done today.


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