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    Default Important.. Must Read..

    If anyone here can shed any light on this article. It doesn't look good.

    Firefighters are Crazy!! But God bless each one of you all!!

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    Default Deja vu all over again.

    I had predicted to some that the FIRE Act as we know it would be gone by 2004. The writing was on the wall. But I had no idea how bad it was until I read Bill Manning's article. He is the man in the know.
    I don't think a letter writing campaign is going to do the trick here. Emails and phone calls and lots of them to your congressional representatives is the only way to reverse this.
    Remember that, in Washington, it's not about service; it's about MONEY!
    The fire service will be set back 35 years if this is allowed to stand.
    Time to act.
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    Remember Bradley Golden (9/25/01)
    RIP HOF Robert J. Compton(ENG6511)

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    Great, just great.

    I did, however, just draft a letter that the majority, if not all, of our department's members will forward to our congressmen and representative.

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    Thumbs down Arr!

    This is stupid.

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    Anyone have a draft letter ready yet? Somthing that hits the key points and a uniform stance?


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    Unfortunately that article is right on track with what they told those of us sitting on the grant review panel last week. They didn't paint a very rosy picture for us after the congressional dinner. They did however reinstate most of the classes that were cut. Question is what other parts of the fire service programs will have to be cut in order to make up for that money. We were told to go home and write our congressmen and women and make sure all other departments around the U.S. do the same. There is no doubt we will lose everything we've gained if we don't stick together and make the voice of the fire service heard loud and clear.

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    I agree, The Fire Act is in danger of being cut or done away with completely. It has been close to the axe many times before.
    How can we make sure it has a good chance of staying around???
    The FIRST thing we have to have is UNITY!!!
    I know, Uni-What? is what I hear from so many people.
    We cant even agree on anything, it is always, Career vs Volunteer, Straight bore vs Fog nozzels, Red vs Green vs White vs whatever trucks. Etc......
    I dont expect us all to get on the same sheet of music, But we do need to at least all get into the same music book. We arent even in the same library too many times.
    We have to many groups, depts, and organizations that say they are for the Fire Service , but they really are only for their part of the Fire Service. One group goes to Washington and says we need this, this and this, and they say oh the other groups are doing ok and dont need anything. Then the next group goes in and does the same thing.
    Guys and Gals, We have a huge opportunity to do great things for the whole Fire Service, If we were united, we would be one of the largest voices in Washington or anywhere as far as that goes.
    Over a million firefighters and then add their families as well, thats a big group!
    But just like in other threads in this subject, Too many depts dont want to see more departments apply for grants, Why, is it greed or what, I see it as More applications means a better chance of more and future funding for all of us. If my dept doesnt get a grant , then so be it, I just hope it goes to a dept that Really needs the help and they take full advantage of it. I will try again next year if the program is still there. I dont look at this program as a have to case for my dept, we are always seeking ways to build our dept.and dont bank on getting any grants. Great if we do but not a killer.
    Every firefighter should be on a first name basis with their Representatives and Senators, I am and I love the look of recognition I get from them when they see me coming. Sometimes its the look of " Oh boy , what does HE want this time>" But they do listen and know we are watching what they do.
    come on folks, UNIFY !!!! and Get Involved !!
    STAY SAFE !!!!
    Capt Tyler Sitzer
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