Independent Company in Northern Arizona serving a rural subdevolopment community is in need of various equipment due to very low budgeting issues.Please email us at for more info.Mostly needed is around 8-10 sections of 2 1/2" hose,a droptank for our tanker(since we have no hydrants or water supply in the community),a set of Amkus or Hurst jaws(older ones are fine),some good used turnouts,maybe a k12 and a few odds and ends.
Being we are Independent we do not and cannot charge for services,we do,however take donations.We cannot get annexed in this particular community simply becuase the property is not all paid for as it is still being sold by the developer.We have a County based Company nearby but they do not respond to our area due to the fact that the community is "doghouses" to them.We are,however called to other areas outside of our service area that does not have fire and medical protection as well.
We will pick up equipment anywhere in the State to save on shipping.
We was using Ebay here recently but it just got too expensive.
Our Website:

Donna C
Fire Chief
Bridge Canyon Vol Fire Dept
Bridge Canyon Country Estates, Seligman AZ 86337