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    Cool Saulsbury Delivery Time!!!!!

    Whoo hoo after 15 months our rescue truck is leaving the factory for the cross country tip to our department Tuesday. We should receive the rig on the 22 of May. Anyone else caught up in the production delays of Saulsbury??? We were originally suppose to receive the unit by the end of November 2002..If you want to see pictures in production go to Colwood Rescue Truck then click on the photo album.

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    No, we didn't get into those problems with Saulsbury on our latest purchase, we went with someone else. Part of our spec was a 180 calender day delivery time. Saulsbury's bid stated a 444 day delivery time. Nearly 15 months! There were some other "issues" I won't discuss here though. And just as a little piece of trivia, E-One Plant Number 9 (formerly known as Saulsbury's) is about a 10 minute drive from me.

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    Delivery time isn't that bad out of Saulsbury, a couple recent or should I say pending examples:

    Annaville, Texas (probably one of the top 10 costomers ever for Saulsbury) ordered 9 simple pumpers, 5 million worth, Saulsbury had 6 of the 9 rigs to the dealer in just 31 months. A mere 6 months later 8 of them are all already at the department and 4 are actually in limited service. One to four mechanics have been at the stations the last 3 months pretty much daily. The list of things to do is less than 10 per rig and then a few more pop up daily.

    The quality and engineering is top notch only 100 percent were manufactured over weight and only 3 of those delivered that way because the first six were re-axled earlier. The drive from Saulsbury was exciting for the drive-away company when the front bumper and bumper extension and HRT reels all broke off crusin' down the interstate. Apparently, somethig more than a butt or tack weld is needed to hold those things on. All the trucks were delivered with items still pending.

    Seabrook, TX ordered their rig, $750,000 engine it took just 38 months to take delivery. They faced minor issues, like the hose they wanted to carry and spec wouldn't fit so Saulsbury had to cut the top of the truck off. It did not experience total pump failure until delivery to the dealer. Seabrooks truck was only at the dealer for 4 months

    San Antonio's tower and stick, couldn't meet their water flow specs or bid.

    It used to be you got what you paid for, but now it is clear to see in the above cases that you can pay for the best and sometimes get second rate.

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    That one (1) Annaville apparatus has the special Saulsbury quick disconnect bumper option that was not speced. LOL. Alot like everything else on those rigs that Saulsbury just did what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it, or not do it depending on the item(s). The front bumper design is a great design though, even if Sauslbury didn't design it. LOL.

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