Davie buys $1.2 million in new fire equipment

By David Volz
Special Correspondent
Posted May 14 2003

Davie Firefighters will be getting an upgrade in their equipment.

The Davie Town Council recently accepted a bid to purchase two Hurricane Fire Rescue Pumpers and one Fire Rescue Tanker from Emergency One Inc. for $1.2 million.

The new trucks will be used to replace three firefighting vehicles that were built in 1985, according to Fire Chief Donald DiPetrillo. The old vehicles have more than exceeded their useful lifespan and each have been driven more than 100,000 miles, he said. These three units will either be placed in reserve status or sold.

"The town can't afford the risk of too much old fire-fighting equipment," DiPetrillo said. "This equipment is more than 17 years old and was constantly breaking down and becoming harder to fix. We are in the process of retooling our fleet and need new equipment."

One advantage to adding new fire trucks will be the Fire Department's ability to standardize its fleet, according to DiPetrillo.

"We want our trucks to be more efficient," he said. "If I asked someone to get something from a truck and there are many different models, it becomes hard for that person to find it. By having more standardization, it is easier for everyone to use the trucks and for people to repair them. This also provides for indirect cost savings, more operational efficiency and continuity in emergencies."

DiPetrillo is especially excited about the capabilities of the new tanker truck. This will enable a firefighting team to carry enough water to fight most fires where there are no fire hydrants.

"Last year, we had 100 mobile home fires," he said. "Many of these were in areas where there are no hydrants. This tanker will allow us to take more water to the fire."

The Town Council also authorized the Police Department to purchase light bars for 35 police cars at a cost of $80,723, according to Police Chief John George.