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    Question Rising Health Insurance Costs

    The city I work for was just informed that health insurance premiums would be going up about 48% this year, this after a 30% increase last year.

    I have two questions:

    What do you pay for group health insurance (if you don't mind my asking) for single or family coverage?


    Has your department or AHJ started anything like a wellness program to reduce future claim costs?

    FWIW, my city pays all of the $311 employee coverage and $591 of family coverage each month leaving $250 for the employees to pay if they elect family coverage.

    Other info: we are not covered by a CBA and the city picked up 100% of the increase this year - which surprised us, considering how tight money is.

    If you have any leads on reducing insurance costs (through wellness programs or other strategies) I'd love to hear those, too.

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    I do understand your frustration, we are faced with the same thing here. Rising healthcare cost every year. Although our premiums are not that high, we are still faced with the same thing. It seems every year you get a raise that insurance premiums rise yet again sucking your raise right down the drain with it. And this is not a problem just where you and I live, this is nationwide.

    One idea that was brought up but never acted upon by the city was having "health and cooking classes" to teach city employees how to be healthier therefore reducing the expense on insurance premiums and prescription drugs. It was a good idea, but no garuntee for the employee that anything would change for us. No incentive to attend on days off.

    Another city around here pays for their employees to attend a gym and pays for almost 100% of their insurance. Probable closer to 90%.

    You asked about why do you pay for group health insurance for family or single coverage. I don't know, but I would say that it all depends on the plan that your city put out for bid and adopted.

    I often wonder how my wife(who has insurance with her employer, not mine) pays much less for her plan than I and has better coverage. She added me to her dental plan b/c it was much cheaper to do so than have mine here at work. She works for the county, where I work for the city.

    Sorry for being so long. I don't think I really answered any questions, but wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this whole insurance crisis that we are facing nowadays,
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    Fortunatly our city is self insured, they only pay a carrier a fee to process paperwork, and we don't have to pay anything.

    However, I would like to make a point. EMS billing is a new thing in my area, and everyone seems to think that insurance companies just have gobs of money laying around already waiting for the right person to come and nab it. Health care costs are rising because everyone charges for everything now. Malpractice insurance is so high now that all doctors are charging as much as they possibly can and running every little $5-$500 test through they can to get reimbursment.

    Its a terrible prediciment, and its only gunna get worse..

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