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    Let's get real here! Are you auditioning to become a firefighter or a pirate?

    Would you show up for your oral board with a mohawk hair cut? A tattoo makes the same extreme statement.

    It might be easier from the inside looking out than on the outside looking in. The goal is to have the least amount of distrations in the process to get hired. Having tattoos that will be visible during the physical agility, medical, the oral board, the psych, and the academy if you are hired are not going to work in you favor.

    Yea, you can wear a long sleved shirt. We had a guy who had to do that on duty. While we were wearing our summer short sleve shirts, Mr. Tattoo had to wear his long sleve wool shirt in hot weather to cover up his color.

    Even though it is more acceptable with this generation, that's not who is sitting on the oral baords and those making the decision who is going to get a badge. It's perception that can make the difference. I wouldn't want to be perceived in the wrong way for this semi military organization with the baggage a tattoo might bring.

    You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.


    Fire "Captain Bob"
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