Arbitrator rules in favor of Davenport firefighters
DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) - A city health insurance plan for
Davenport firefighters shouldn't change, an arbitrator has ruled.
The decision will complicate local officials' efforts to balance
the city budget in the wake of a pending loss of $1.7 million in
state aid, said Councilman Bob McGivern.
"The arbitrator soundly rejected the city's provision for
insurance premiums based on a percentage, something no other city
in Iowa requires," said Mike Meloy, who represented the union
before the arbitrator May 2.
Members of the Davenport Association of Professional Fire
Fighters also will get a 4 percent wage hike, higher than the 3.7
percent suggested by a fact finder.
"The decision is final, so we're moving on," said City
Administrator Craig Malin.
The Legislature has approved cuts in aid to local governments to
help balance next year's state budget. McGivern said officials hope
a special legislative session set for May 29 will restore at least
some of that aid.
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