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    Default Continuation of the Closed Thread (so much for free speech)

    DFD and NMFIRE, put yourself in my shoes for a minute.

    I am a Company Level Officer on a Company whose yearly runs match those of some Large Cities. I go out the door up to 20 times a day in the Officer Seat of either a Ladder or Engine Company. I have numerous things to concern myself with to ensure fireground tasks get completed and to ensure the safety, well-being and return of my crew after EACH run.

    Some of the things that most Engine/Ladder officers have to do are, including but not limited to (and in no specific order) , Looking up the Address, Finding a Hydrant, Maintaining Communication with a Dispatcher, Proper Placement of my apparatus if I am first-in to ensure the Ladder has access, A quick Radio Size-up on arrival and a more detailed one to the IC later, Locating the seat of the fire and directing my Nozzleman to that point, a primary search, thinking to myself "There is a car out front, is anyone in here?" I have to keep contact with each member of my crew and know his/her location at all times...I could go on, but I am sure you already know this stuff.

    Lets say I am the OIC on the Ladder Truck, I gotta split my crew if necessary and send some to do a search, send some to take care of utilities and ventilation, place ground ladders, do a secondary search, pat the Engine guys on the fanny and tell them they are doing a good job (Had to throw in a hose head insult) and if necessary, per our SOP's , take command of the incident if the Chief isn't already there. You see where I am going with this? I have too much to do to worry about some kid that is riding on the Apparatus with me. I started out in a Cadet program myself. I took everything I learned in that program and applied it to what I do every day now. I was NOT allowed to ride apparatus, no matter if it was a Ladder Truck or a Chiefs Buggy. I drilled constantly, I read my material and most of all, I DID NOT BRAG OR MOUTH OFF TO ANYONE ABOUT BEING SOMETHING I WAS NOT. I kept my yap shut and learned. I didn't start yapping until I was well past the rookie stage. If my Chief or Advisor caught me on a website talking like you guys do, I wouldv'e been kicked out of the department. We weren't even allowed to wear Regular FD shirts or associate ourselves with the Department when we were outside of a department function. They did this because we were a HUGE liability to them, but they saw that myself and my friends were eager to learn and fill their shoes when we were old enough. So the Older guys took us under thier wings and made us decent firemen and they were proud of us the day that we were old enough to go in an get some. And we were all proud too, because all of the work paid off.

    I thank all of my mentors and I am sure you guys do too. I support Cadet/Explorer/Junior programs, but the Activities should be strictly limited as to what you can do. Because you might not realize this, we worry about you guys more than you think. And if you are on the apparatus or at the scene, your officers need to be focused on the job and not where or what you are doing on the fireground.

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    Oh, now you support explorer & junior programs? Gee, last time you said that there should not be explorer/junior programs. Can you make up your mind before you re-start a topic the webteam closed?
    Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.

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    Default ..the pot calling the kettle black

    Ok I dont goto calls,I read as much as I can, I goto every meeting,stayafter to help out,pick brains, drill as much as I can,going to college for Fire Science,I never said I was a Firefighter--thats a felony you know,I dont walk around town with DFD shirts on--hell I dont even got a DFD shirt!! So how am I any different from you?

    So how come your so against explorers/jr.s if you were one? I agree some programs are just out of control. But that dont mean you should come down on and bash every explorer post out there that arnt a bunch of dogans.

    How come you say there should be no explorer programs in the other thread,yet now you say you support them?

    Im proud to be the Chief Explorer of the 3334,my adviseors and I worked very hard to build it up and they went out on a limb takeing us on to teach us,not only risking there credibility but there jobs as well.


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