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    Default Mercy Des Moines Ultimate Fighting ;)

    My crew and I had quite the interesting experience at Mercy last night, brought in a patient at about 2/2:30ish. Got all our paperwork, getting ready to go home and get some rest.. So we pull out of the garage, my friend says something about 'what's going on there?' Sure enough, I look over and these two guys are shoving each other while a couple girls are yelling at them. I roll down the window, ask if they are alright... Talk about getting rushed, one of the girls comes over just running her mouth about how this kid got beat up and it's a friend's boyfriend or whatnot and how they found him walking and his head was through a window and his hand was broken. Then she tells me the guy shoving him is trying to get him to go into the hospital but the kid doesn't want to. I run inside to grab security, come outside with a DMPD officer- what do I see? My guys out of the ambulance trying to calm the guy down that's trying to get the beat up kid in the hospital, who in turn starts shoving and yelling 'do your f**king job' while the kid that hurt has taken off running down 6th towards downtown... Well needless to say that cop wasn't happy with the kid, he tells him to calm down and talk to him, kid starts swearing at the cop. Then Mercy security shows up, we get in the bus and take off, at least it gave us some entertainment. Anyone else had an experience like that?

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    Talking Can't say that I have seen anything that good, no.

    I love Mercy. On our way in, we drive right through the high-rent district on University, as I come in from the East.
    Welcome to the Forums, and good to have another Iowegian on the board. Come on into the EMS boards, too. IAMEDIC always has something good to say!
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