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    Question associations

    We have recently joined with our neighbouring department as our townships have ammalgamated. We have always had a thriving association and the other station has never had one at all. Lately there has been a great deal of "discussion" on what the associations role on the department actually is. We do have a constitution but it still does not spell out in black and white what the association is. My question to you is, "How would you best describe the function of your fire departments association". Also please include things beyond fund raising. Thanks.

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    Our association would be best described as a social organization that supports the fire service. Our department is a taxing district and is governed by a board of trustees(5). These trustees have the final say in the operation of the fire department. 99.9% of the time they follow the advice of the chief, as they have no practical experience as firefighters.

    We do not make policy for the department, but we do have a voice, as things are discussed at our monthly meetings, and the Chief takes our comments and thoughts under advisement and uses them to shape his policies. He is not bound to do so, but he generally agrees with us. All of our purchases are with the approval of the Chief and the trustees. We have no say in personnel matters, i.e., who gets on and who doesn't. That falls under the responsibilities of the district officials.

    Our association's major focus is to provide funds to improve the fire department. We have purchased many rescue tools, SCBA, Air Compressor for SCBA, pagers, radios, training items, furnishings for meeting room.

    I hope this helps answer your question

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    In Maryland, each individual Volunteer Fire Department is incorporated as a private, non-profit, charitable corporation under the state laws dealing with corporations. We do everything that we need under this arrangement, so no association is needed. The VFDs are "owned by the stockholders" who are the members themselves. Trucks, Equipment, Buildings, Etc. are all owned by the corporations themselves (In most cases) instead of a town, tax district, etc. This arrangement helps keep politics out of service delivery most of the time. We need a new Engine, we raise the money and buy it. When we buy it, we own it.
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