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    Default fdny f/f looking for new job

    I'm considering moving out west Possibly a training officer position. Any info would help. Be safe gregfdny

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    FDNY FF and your looking for a new job?

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    Default Answers...

    Coming out West...

    #1. I have been looking arond here and I still think
    the job websites are your best sources.
    www.firecareers.com and www.firerecruit.com

    #2. Depending where you go, the will have a problem
    with crossing your certs. For example- the state of
    California has rigorous standands and doesnt accept
    other states certs/EMT licences.

    As for a Training Officer position, there are some
    classes to take in CA for your Instructor I.
    (I admit, they kicked my butt) Please feel free to
    email me or Capt. Bob for any other questions.

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    Aurora, CO USA/Auora Fire & Rescue

    Talking Aurora Fire Dept.

    Aurora Fire Dept.(Colorado) Takes lateral entry Firefighters

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    Default FDNY looking for new job

    Try the city of North Las Vegas. Look at the website. They are currently trying to fill a training officer position. Pays around 65K to start I believe.

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