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    Post Basic Fire Fighting

    I am a member of a very small volunteer Fire Department.

    We have been working very hard to make improvements to the department on a very small Budget. Right now we are focused on training and increasing our Knowledge.

    Does any one have any recommendations on Fire Fighting basics that could help with our Training. Names of Books, web sites, any thing would be of a assitance.

    Thank you.

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    Try http://4-help.org I think the guy's name is Mike, we have ordered several items from him and he has the lowest prices that we have found, almost everything you can think of. Also another site is: www.mfri.org this is an excellent site, click on the drill of the month and then the archives and wow, train, train, train. All the stuff on this site is free, just print it off, now make sure you have someone qualified to do the training! I hope this helps and if there is anything else you need help with just ask, someone on here will be able to answer your question or point you to the right place. Good Luck!

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    I'd recommend IFSTA's http://www.ifsta.org/ "essentials of firefighting" if you want basic. You can get a curriculum and manuals.
    Now it does cost money, $40 for books and $250 for the curriculum. But it's a good investment that can be used over and over. Try U.S. Fire Adminstration as well, allot of free course's that can be taught in house.http://www.usfa.fema.gov/ Check the NFA & EMI sections of the site. Good luck!

    Knowing is HALF the battle!


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