CHARLES CITY, Iowa (AP) - The city has replaced its "worn out"
1969 pumper fire truck with a new custom-built Pierce Saber model
that comes equipped with its own generator and a 1,500 water tank,
Fire Chief Roy Schwickerath said.
The $171,000 vehicle was obtained through a joint Charles
City-St. Charles federal firefighters assistance grant, which
covered all but $59,000.
St. Charles chipped in $40,000 and Charles City contributed the
The truck's huge water tank allows the truck to be used as a
countywide rapid intervention unit. The generator can run flood
lights or hydraulic equipment, Schwickerath said.
"We tried to get as much bang for our buck as possible," he
The fire department plans to show off the new unit on Saturday
at an open house at the Charles City fire station.

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APTV 05-20-03 1203EDT