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    Default cascade system and equipment needed

    hi, we are a self funded small fire dept,we get no tax funding and are in desparate need of a cascade system,turn out gear and just about anything we can find can anyone give us a hand?

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    Default 3 in. supply line

    We are in need of some 3 in. supply line. Most of the trucks in our county were built in the 70's and the largest in/out fittings are 2.5 inch so we could use the supply lines that are being set aside for the larger lines (4-6 inch)

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    as for the cascade system, we rent 4 bottles from a local air gas company and pay a lease each year. i do not recall how much it is but i don't think it's all that much. we do have to pay to get the bottles changed out. we are on the same boat as you, we get $3500 a year from the county and everything else we raise from fund raisers. good luck.
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    Post Another Resource


    Dont know who handles your government surplus equipment distribution in your state but you might check there. Here our Forestry Commission is a life saver. Under their Act 36 program, redistribution of federal surplus assets, it's amazing what they can get for you. We are in the same spot fiscally you are. We have been on the want list for a cascade system for a while now. Another VFD here just got a nearly new towable mobile cascade trailer system from them. It was based overseas for a short while and put into surplus on its return to the US for some reason. One method to get a bit ahead on preference order on this list is to agree in writing to make your cascade available to other nieghboring departments 24/7. It's after all the right thing to do anyway in my humble opinion. Just another often overlooked resource for us folks that need all the help we can get.

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