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    Question DWI/DUI loses EMT certification?

    There has been alot of talk around my department about the new regulations governing EMS in the state.

    Rumor has it that if you are convicted of a DWI or DUI, you lose your EMT card. An Assistant Chief is rumored to say that without an EMT card, you will no longer be an employee (ie: fired). All I have been able to find in wading through the new regs is this:

    12 VAC 5-31-910:

    B. EMS personnel may not act as an operator of an EMS vehicle if they have
    been convicted upon a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, convicted of a felony or assigned to any alcohol safety action program or driver alcohol rehabilitation program pursuant to 18.2-271.1 hit and run, or operating on a suspended or revoked license within the past five years. A person having any of these convictions in Virginia or another state may be eligible for reinstatement as an operator after five years and after successful completion of an approved emergency vehicle operator's course (EVOC) within the year prior to reinstatement.

    The only thing that says to me is that, if you conviced of any other above things within 5 years, you may not *drive* an EMS vehicle.

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    Default To Drive or Not to Drive

    To the best of my knowledge,
    Chesterfield County,Va
    runs checks-if you're DMV
    record is not clear-you don't drive.

    To the best of my knowledge this
    hasn't been changed.

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    Default Look Deeper

    I am certain there is something in the EMS regs that gives the Dept of Health the right to pull your card for certain convictions. A good source for you in Fairfax would be Mike Ward.
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    Check with your Office of EMS representative. I know there was a "rumor" about pulling EMT cards if an individual was convicted of driving drunk. It is my understanding however that this did not become a regulation. I don't know if it was actually on the books at one time and was not approved. It's been a little while since I have looked through the reg's, but the only thing I found was what you quoted in reference to operating an emergency vehicle.

    While I do not condone drinking & driving, I do not think you will lose your EMT certification for a DUI conviction. Felonies will cause you to lose certification in a heartbeat.

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