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    Default FDNY firehouses rammed by mystery van

    NEW YORK (AP) - The front doors of four firehouses in Brooklyn
    were damaged by a driver who rammed a van into them early Saturday.
    One of the doors had been damaged so badly that firefighters at the
    station could not respond to two calls.
    "You can't describe this as anything but outrageous," Fire
    Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta said at a news conference. "They
    not only endangered the lives of firefighters, they endangered the
    lives of everyone in this community.
    None of the firehouses were among the six that were scheduled to
    be closed on Sunday. But Commissioner Scoppetta said security
    measures would be taken nearby the firehouses to be closed and
    those that were struck.
    Officials said the van struck Engine 217 in Bedford-Stuyvesant
    at about 4:40 a.m., but caused minor damage. The driver then struck
    Engine 235, also in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The doors to both
    firehouses will be repaired.
    The van then rammed the door of Engine 230 on Park Avenue and
    finally, Engine 210 in Fort Greene. The doors of both firehouses
    were extensively damaged
    Engine company 210 missed a call to a medical emergency, and a
    call to the Brooklyn Navy yard, which turned out to be a false
    alarm. The medical emergency was handled by Emergency Medical
    No injuries were reported in any of the incidents, and no
    arrests have been made officials said.

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