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    Default The other Engineers

    In our department, our engineers are incharge of fixing the trucks, and such, not running the pump pannels, I'm one of the engineers, every weeek we go over the tools and trucks, make sure every thing is in working order. Are there any other dept.s out there that do this?

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    In our department...an engineer is a driver. The person that fixes the truck is a mechanic at the shop.

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    Our Engineer is mainly in charge of making sure the trucks get regular servicing and maintenance.

    ALL firefighters learn how to operate the pump, on ALL trucks. 90% of the time, the driver will be the pump operator, but that is not the case at all calls (sometimes he/she may be needed elsewhere).

    Everyone takes turns checking a different truck each week, and after every call, everything gets double checked to make sure it is ready to go again.
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    In my company, a good number of our people are trained to operate the engine. The engineers are supposed to support the maintenance of the vehicles and training of drivers. At a response, the engineers are supposed to relieve whoever is at the pump panel, especially if a line officer is operating the pump. Until recently, I served as the chief engineer and I was supposed to have 4 assistant engineers. Unfortunately, they all liked the title but not the responsibility. It got to be a grind trying to tend to everything so I just hung it up. I wonder if any other volunteer companies have similar situations.

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    In my Department we have one or two people at each station. We call them "Truck Lieutenants" or "Station Mechanics". I am one of them. I check the trucks completely every other week or after a major call. I repair anything that I can, and what I can't I report to our "Fleet Manager". He takes care of all of the outside repair and normal service.

    Our engineers… That is the person driving the truck and the pump operator.

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    A prior volunteer company I was with had Engineer postitions. They were each assigned to a specific apparatus. They were responsible for making sure it got whatever service it or its equipment needed. The actual maintainence, with the exception of really minor things were done by the boro mechanics.

    No offense kvfcjr, but if I remember correctly you are a junior at your fd. So I have to ask, why are you an engineer and have responsibility to fix the trucks?
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