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    Default New FF Orientation

    Our department has both Career and Part-time firefighters. We have had an orientation program for several years, but I would like to revise it to limit the number of personnel who precept new employees, similar to a PD Field Training Officer. Are there any departments who utilize this system? If so, how do you train your "FTO"?

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    I read an article in a trade journal a while back that dealt with a mentoring type program. It allowed a one-on-one situation between a competent senior member and the new recruit. Obviously the certification on state training would have to be done by an authorized person but departmental familiarization, integration and knowledge would be well within the scope of the mentor. I seem to recall the article was in Fire Engineering but I am not positive.

    When choosing mentors I would imagine it would be a volunteer issue. Meaning that the mentor wanted to be involved and not forced into it. I would also imagine that you can think of people on your department that are not only highly trained and those that have seniority but those who also make good teachers (good people skills).

    Contacting your state Fire Academy may also enlighten you as to their programs such as Fire Instructor levels and such that you could send teaching/mentoring candidates thru to enhance the program. Good luck and congratualtions on realizing the importance of training those coming aboard and please keep us posted on how things go as I am sure others have similar questions and issues.
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    With new hires at our dept, they start out on a 40hr schedule. They spend about a month, give or take, to complete an entire package of core knowledge before they can function as manpower. "Mentors" are assigned by the chief for each of the competencies, and while everyone on the fire dept can help out, only the "mentor" can sign off on the skill.

    I think that learning from everyone is a good thing, each person can add different things to each item, giving the new hire a better grasp of what is going on.

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