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    Hey For the person that asked about the 880. My first issueed helmet as a senior firefighter 8+ years ago was a 880. I like it and still have it. It is light and small. How ever I use a Ben Plus 2 I got from a friend and it is just as good. Just a little more weight and height.

    Leather is a way to go, loved mine when I had it. Its now some where in PA near Chambersburg.

    But my recommendation is this. If you plan on buying your own helmet. Don't go with what the cool fashion is. Go to a store if you can or any attack school. Try on several different types and makes and makers and models. Because in the end it is your head and neck using it. And if you comfortable in a TT then get one. If you feel better in leather save and get it too. You can alsways get a good tradition style helmet and save for the leather.

    My thoughts.
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