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    Default need help to prove my point...

    We are currently looking into buying a new fire truck, we want crew cab pumper ( contender or something like that ) But we have to prove what the department benefits would be at the officers meeting and then (even worst) to the city meeting. I want to know how it helped your department to have a crew cab pumper. We are also thinking of putting our jaws of life on that truck. Please i really need your help.. Any stories, comments and/or feedback is really really welcomed.

    Thanks in advance for all stories, feedback and comments.

    Charle Chiasson
    FF, Fire Prevention Officer, Instructor

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    Sorry, I just looked at the thread here.

    I know a few departments that run a two person commercial cab truck. THey are also leaning toward to, or have converted to either a crew cab truck, or a custom chassis. The biggest reason is that you can have a crew dressed and ready for work when you pull on location. If you are meeting everyone there, all your personnel have to get dressed and packed up, etc on scene.

    Also, by getting more personnel on the truck, you cut down the number of personal vehicles on scene. I know many a fire scene that been cluttered and had access problems due to the number of Personal vehicles on scene. You could end up with not being able to get needed access for incoming apparatus because of all the personal vehicles.

    Your officer on the truck will also have an idea of what he has to work with as far as personnel go. if there are 4 people on the truck, the officer can plan accordingly. In a two person cab, the officer knows that there is him/herself and the operator for sure. that's it.

    Hope this helps.

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    We recently purchaesd an international truck with a KME body . Since we wanted a bigger engine it was cheaper to go with a crew cab since the bigger engine was a standard item with the cab. The larger cab can also be used for rehap or ,as we do, store medical jump bags

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