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Thread: Margin of Error

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    Post Margin of Error

    I recently participated in an interview for the KCFD where I was asked in 4 different scenarios, via video what my response would be.
    I think that I did very well except I made a huge mistake on one question. For the most part I answered the question correctly but I think that one part of my answer was completely wrong and not very smart. I was wondering if anyone could discuss the margin of error a candidate is allowed in an interview of this type. I am not sure if it is considered an oral board or a B-Pad but there were 4 videotaped question and answers. If I completely failed one question do I have zero hope of making it to the next interview?

    Thanks in advance for any insight provided.

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    I had that interview, it is a b-pad. Im not real sure how many you could get wrong. Which question was it that you had problems with?

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    I took the test too, I'm not sure what the margin of error is. But was curiouse to what question it was, and how do you know if it was wrong?

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