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    Default False Alarms, do you issue fines ?

    Hi, wondering what other departments do about false alarms. Do you have an ordance to fine the owner ?

    We currently do not issue fines. But lately, we have had a probelm with false alarms.

    So I'm just doing a survey. I'm on the Racine Fire Department, we have 150 firefighters. Located like 25 miles south of Milwaukee, WI.


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    Just came across you post - we have had a problem in the past with false alarms, most coming from the same place over and over. Our department drafted an ordinance, and got it approved by council, that does allow for fines to be issued if false alarms continue. Our main purpose was not to increase revenue but to have occupants repair malfunctioning alarms or correct problems that allowed these false alarms over and over. Businesses are given notice on first and second false alarm putting them on notice of problem. Third false alarm (in 1 years time) a fine is assigned. Fines will be waived in proof of repair or if correction of problem is done by alarm company and letter of this repair is given to department. If repairs are not made fine increases or business lic. is revoked. Considerations are allow for power failures and weather conditions. The important thing for us is to ensure these alarms are maintained and working correctly.
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    We have an ordinance within the township that if you have more than 5 false alarms within the same year you recieve I think a $1000 doller fine.

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