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    Question Should 2 firefighters date?

    I like a LT from my fire department, but I am not sure if I should pursue it and ask him out...I am not quite sure if firefighters should date, especially new members and Lt's, so I figured I would get some advice. I have known him for four years, if that has anything to do with the situation....Please leave me your advice...Thanks...Confused in NY...

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    I don't necessarily think it's wrong to date someone else from your fire department............ BUT

    You should not be dating/in a relationship with a supervisor. That is never a good idea.

    I personally have dated a co-worker (not a supervisor), but it is hard. You both have to agree from the beginning that the relationship cannot interfere with your work relationship. You always have to remember that regardless of what happens between you two, you must still be able to work together.........

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    Is this a paid or Volunteer department?

    It is a bad idea to date someone who may have to discipline you at some time.

    On Volunteer departments we have some married couples and others have dated. Though it can still get ugly if things go bad.

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    It all depends on if you can be friends before you get serious...
    If you are friends before anything goes serious you might be able to work together alot better than if you just jumped into a relationship without getting to know them.. My company does not allow inter-company dating so i am s.o.l..
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    I am Lt and I wouldn't want any of my men trying to date me
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    It would make for a very boring relationship you couldn't come home and ask how your significant others day was if your both doing the same job
    Plus break up's tend to spill over into the workplace especiallay if your dating your supervisor than you feel like your being unfairly singled out because of the way things ended

    Just my 10 cents

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    Sticky situation, potentially. One thing you have going for you is the common interest. I met Heather because we're both FF/EMT's, though different departments in different areas. I disagree about the management thing, though. Why should this guy be denied the chance at your love simply because he's further up the ladder? If he's a good officer, business & personal lives can stay separate without hostilities occurring. The difficulty could come with things not working out, as you still work together. As said, though, a good officer will manage these issues.

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