On a monday about 5:00 in the evening our fire dept. got a call about a 10-50 I. The dispatcher said it was a head on collesion. So me and the capton go in p.o.v while some other guys got the rescue and fire trucks rollin. About 10 minutes later me and the capton get on scene and our ems and another countys ems was on scene. The women seemed to be heading west on one of our highways when a Chicken spreader pulled right out in front of her. She hit it head on at about 60 MPH. Didn't even have time to slow down. When me and the Capton were on scene we told our units to speed up. Our ems had a 3 year old little girl in the ems truck gettin ready to transport. The husband was lying on the ground on the passenger side of the car, and the driver was traped. The driver was pronounce D.O.A by the time we arrived. Then the other county took the husband away. We cut the Driver out and put the driver in the spare ems truck so the cornor could go and transport. Well at the hospitle the husband dies, then the next day the little girl dies. 2 days prier to this wreck we had a murder. The driver and the two other passengers that died was in for that murder suspects funeral. The driver was the cousin of the murder suspect.

This would have to of been the worst wreck I have ever worked in my 2 years of the fire service. Now this is a reminder to always were my seat bealt when I get into my Vehicle.